Elderly Care & Companionship
  • Medicine reminders

  • Assistance with chores/errands

  • Travel to & from appointments

  • Help with care for pets

  • Overnight company

  • Much more!

  Caring for aging parents or loved ones can be a big task for any family to deal with.  Home Sweet Home offers an alternative to nursing homes by providing in home care and companionship to the senior community in the Mohawk Valley.  Our non-medical care can be the perfect solution for your family. 


  Our staff will come to your families home at specified days & times to help with chores or to simply provide company.  We are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to give you and your family the reassurance and comfort of knowing your loved ones are cared for.  This can be a difficult time of life for many people, but we are here to provide relief for everyone involved.