About Us:

Home Sweet Home is insured and bonded. Each of our employees have undergone a comprehensive background check, at the time of hire.


Business Hours:  

Office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00am-3:30pm.  Outside of our normal office hours: please feel free to leave a voicemail or contact us by email. We will respond promptly, during business hours.



We have chosen a healthier and conservative approach to cleaning.  We use non-toxic and reusable supplies to keep your home and the environment safe.  We do require you provide quality paper towels, appropriate garbage bags, and anything “special” you deem necessary to clean their home.  



In order to be most efficient, we need unobstructed access to the areas we will be cleaning. If anyone is home at the time of cleaning, we ask that you avoid being in a room while it is being cleaned. Having someone in the space during cleaning can be cumbersome and distracting for the staff and cause the cleaning to take longer.

If you work from home and would like your work space cleaned, please let our staff know when you are ready for that space to be cleaned. If you have scheduled events, such as a conference call, make your cleaners aware so that they can avoid distracting you from your work.


24 hour Quality Guarantee:

We aim to match the detail and quality of our work to the specific expectations of each client. The service performed will be based on the information you provide. We do not offer refunds or discounts on services that have already been performed. However, should you find that you are dissatisfied with the quality of service, we will return to address the area of concern, if the issue is reported to us within 24 hours of service.


Suspected Theft:

We carefully screen each staff member before hire. We employ staff that we believe to be honest and trustworthy. While Home Sweet Home is diligent in the screening and hiring process, we can not guarantee that an incident of theft will never occur. If you suspect that a theft has taken place:

  • Contact our office immediately so that we may address your cleaning staff. A staff member may know the location of the missing property in your home or have additional information to provide.

  • Search your home carefully. Please keep in mind that a mistaken accusation of theft could be very costly to the accused.

  • If you conclude that the missing property has in fact been stolen, we urge you to file a report with your local Police Department. We will cooperate, to the best of our ability, with any resulting investigation.

  • Home Sweet Home is bonded. Our bond insurance will cover the value of stolen property if the person responsible is identified and convicted.



For the safety and peace of mind of all involved: we require that any firearms be be properly stored and locked prior to your cleaning. Please do not leave firearms beneath pillows or mattress, as these present a hazard when changing linens and tidying beds. We reserve the right to refuse cleaning in areas containing unsecured firearms.



Home Sweet Home carries a comprehensive, general liability, insurance policy. We will investigate all reports of damage to client property. Home Sweet Home will assume liability if damage is determined to be a result of negligence on the part our staff. If we are determined responsible for damages, the appropriate steps will be taken to rectify the issue. Appropriate action will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


It is our policy to document and report any damage to client property, which might occur during the course of performing our duties, no matter the scale of the damage. In the event that any item is broken or damaged, you will be notified within 24 hours.


If you independently identify damage that you believe was caused by Home Sweet Home staff, we require that you contact our office to report the issue within 48 hours of service.   


All surfaces, such as countertops, tile, hardwood floors etc., are assumed to be appropriately sealed and ready for cleaning, unless you advise us otherwise.

    • We require that you tell us before your cleaning:

      • Any pre existing damage

      • Any particularly delicate or sentimental items in the home

      • Any items or areas that you do not want touched

      • Any special cleaning instructions or specific products required


    • We do not accept responsibility for damages to the following:

      • Property with pre-existing damages

      • Delicate or sentimental items that we were not warned about

      • Items of sentimental value that clients choose to have us clean

      • Damages that are not reported by the client within 48 hours of service.

      • Items that were not properly stored or secured

Billing & Payments:

Initial & Single Cleanings:  

A 30% down payment is required, at the time of scheduling, in order to reserve your cleaning appointment.  Provided that your cleaning proceeds as scheduled, the full deposit amount will be applied to your total cleaning bill. If you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 7 days notice, a non-refundable fee of $50.00 will be charged to your account.  


Invoicing & Payment:

Invoices are sent out, via email, each Monday.  Let us know if you wish to receive your invoice through USPS. Payment due date will be listed on your invoice.


Payment can be made:

  • Through the QuickBooks invoice

  • Check by mail

  • Home Sweet Home Auto Pay


Rejected Payments:

If your payment, made through the QuickBooks invoice, is rejected by the bank, the invoice will be resent with a $10.00 rejected payment fee added. If your payment, made by check, is rejected by the bank, your invoice will be resent with a $25.00 bounced check fee added.


Delinquent Payment Fee:

Payments delinquent in excess of 10 days will accrue penalties, at a rate of $5.00 each subsequent day.  Accounts delinquent for 30 days will have service suspend until the account has been satisfied in full.



Tipping is always appreciated but, not expected. If you wish, you may tip the team directly or include the tip with your payment.



We offer a $25.00 discount on your next service, for each new client you refer to Home Sweet Home.  Tell your friends to let us know who sent them, when they schedule their first appointment.




We ask that you provide a minimum of one week notice when canceling a scheduled appointment.

Cancellations within 24 hrs of a scheduled appointment, in excess of two instances in a 12 month period, will incur a $50.00 cancellation fee.

Any instance of on site cancellation, once our staff has arrived on site, will incur a $50.00 cancelation fee.


Lock Outs:

If our staff arrives for a scheduled appointment and are unable to gain entrance, we will attempt to contact you to arrange access. If contact is not established within ten minutes, our staff will move on to their next appointment. This will be considered an on site cancellation.  If you can be reached and are able to provide access to the property, time spent locked out will be billed at your normal service rate.



In order to discourage the spread of contagious illness, such as the flu: If a member of your household is sick, we request that you cancel any appointment for the duration of said illness. Likewise, we will avoid sending our staff into the field if they have become ill.


Inclement Weather:

We ask that you keep outdoor pathways and steps to the property clear of snow and ice.

We will not require our staff to travel in hazardous weather conditions. During severe weather or if a travel ban has been issued, we will be forced to delay or cancel and reschedule the days appointments.     



Rescheduling of canceled appointments is based on staff availability. We will reschedule service for the next available date. Be advised, it may be necessary for you to wait until your next scheduled service date before our staff is able to return.



Significant changes to your household will likely impact the parameters of your service agreement. New members of the household, temporary guests, damage to the property, construction/ renovations, additional furniture, and other considerations may lengthen the time required for your cleaning. We request that you inform us of any such changes, in advance of your appointment, and provide any specific instructions necessary.


Rates & Price Variations


Home Sweet Home will perform a minimal price increase, annually, for all clients. The amount of this rate increase will be determined by, and comparative to, rising costs of doing business.

Home Sweet Home reserves the right to reevaluate this agreement, make alterations, and impose changes to policy, at any time. Home Sweet Home reserves the right to vary prices and rates as deemed necessary, at any time.  


                                          - Thank you for your business! -