Home Sweet Home -

the leading provider in home services.

Home Sweet Home is a company designed to make your life easier.  We are aware of the struggle most homes & families are facing these days.  Homeowners are often working outside of their homes, running errands, and trying to keep up a home.  We think you should be able to relax & enjoy your home at the end of a long day.  Our company, which was started in 2014, will help you find peace & more time to focus on what makes you happy!

Owner, Heather Loveland, began working in homes & caring for families in various ways at a young age.  At, 17 she started studying Horticulture at Morrisville State College.  After recieving her associates degree in 2005, she continued onto Ithaca where she studied Plant Science at Cornell University.  While working her way through school she worked as a housecleaner, gardener, & personal assistant.  The skills she adopted lead to her starting her own business, Home Sweet Home, that you are reading about today!

Meet our team: 

Hey there--  I am Heather Loveland, the proud owner of this wonderful business.  I reside in Hubbardsville where I spend my time gardening, walking my dogs, and reading.  I love being outside, hiking, and camping. 

Hello--I am Savannah.  Somethings about me include that I have 8yrs experience working w/ elderly, disabled, mental health.  I have a degree in psychology/human services. I like puzzles, construction & renovation, painting, live music, & to travel. I have a life long passion for working with animals.  I have worked with a animals who have special needs.

Hi! My name is Erin and I am a gardener for Home Sweet Home and help out with other tasks. I've lived in North Brookfield for the past 25 years with my husband John. We have 2 children and many pets. I love animals, art and gardening!! 


Hello! My name is Shayna Dearmyer. I am the Madison County supervisor here at Home Sweet Home. I absolutely love my job and I enjoy making our clients homes sparkle. I love seeing the difference we make in clients homes and lives. I also very much enjoy building relationships with our clients. I reside in outskirts of Waterville with my boyfriend. On my down time I enjoy reading, cooking and baking, & spending time with family and friends. In the warmer months I am outside as much as possible, gardening, taking walks, soaking up the sun and having cookouts, there is no better way to enjoy the day! 

Hi, my name is Stephanie Shuemaker.  I grew up in Waterville, but now live in the thriving metropolis of Hecla, NY, population, 23 give or take a few. My boyfriend and I are avid golfers and workout on a daily basis in one day hopes of being contestants on American Ninja Warrior.  All kidding aside, we do enjoy golfing, playing pool, and weight lifting. At Home Sweet Home, I am an Administrative Assistant and I handle some of the office responsibilities also get called out into the field where I clean and do gardening. On days that I am not at Home Sweet Home, I work in a doctor's office as an office assistant.


Hey there! -- I am Rachel Newman, and I am the Office Manager at Home Sweet Home. I am from Augusta, Georgia. New York has been my home for about 2 years now. In my spare time I play roller derby. I also love singing and crocheting. I am a very outgoing and probably one of the most sociable people you will ever meet. 

Hello, my name is Jessica and I am a Supervisor here at Home Sweet Home. I have lived here in N.Y. for about 8 years now. I really enjoy all the outdoor activities it has to offer like hiking, fishing and camping with my boyfriend and our 5 kids. When I'm home I enjoy taking care of our animals, reading, drawing or watching a good movie. 

We serve a large area including, but not limited to the following towns: Clinton, Waterville, Deansboro, New Hartford, Whitesboro, New York Mills, Washington Mills, Oriskany, Westmoreland, Utica, Oneida, Vernon, Verona, Sangerfield, Poolville, Hamilton, Earlville, Madison, Brookfield, North Brookfield, Hubbardsville, Bouckville, Saquoit, Chadwhicks, & Paris Hill.